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Available Pups

January 1st, 2009
by Virginia Stoltzfus

Our Spring Litter did not happen, so our next litter will be possibly in the fall of 2018.


Previous Litters are pictured below

” The Native American Litter”



 Moose - 7wksRES

Morning Star - 6weeks RES

Brave - 6weeks2reserved

Willow - 6weeks

Chief - 6weeks1 resv.



Wolf - 6weeks


Red Eagle - 6weeks


“The Andy Griffith Litter”

Floyd 6 week


Barney 5 w


Goober 5w

New Image

Ellie 5 w


“The Lone Ranger”

Only one sweet puppy was born!



2016  “The Candy Litter”


Hershey 4wks

HeathBo 4 wks

Skittles 4 wks

RoloSebastian 4wks

Females are Below

Milky Way

Snickers 4 wks

Reeces 4 weeks

Jelly Bean 4 weeks

Goodbar 4 wks

All puppies will come with a Health Check from a vet , dewclaws removed, shots & worming (age appropriate).  Non-refundable deposits are accepted to hold a puppy from a litter. Please contact us for more information.


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