Our Adult Berners

March 9th, 2009
by Gin Stoltzfus

 Sire “Moose”

Moose’s birthday is April 3, 2021

Moose is so Handsome and so Big.

He loves to play and is very friendly. 

His Daddy and Grandfather are Champions. 

We love our Moose




Dakota’s birthday is June 21, 2019

She is a sweetheart, My 14 year old and her are best friends!





So sweet and Gentle, she is a Gem!

Avery’s birthday is May 15, 2020







We are retiring this Beauty from our breeding.



She is such a good Mama!













Comments (5)

  • Darcy Farrens says:

    We purchased Carolina. What a doll! She’s the perfect puppy. She knows her sit command and is nearly housebroken. She is very smart for such a young puppy. She will start her obedience classes this weekend. She will be trained as a Service Dog replacement as she matures. Thank you again for such a great puppy.

  • Andy says:

    I purchased Texas and all I can say is just wow. I expected a great dog when I got a berner, but he already knows every basic command, as well as more advanced commands such as high five, at only 4 months. He is also already loose leash walking and house trained. He has a great personality and is frequently refereed to as the “perfect” dog by strangers. Thank you Gin for Cooper (Texas).

  • Tiffany and Family says:

    We purchased Washington who is now Bernie. How big is everybodies pups? Bernie is pushing 75 pounds already! Oh he is a joy! He is very smart and loving, he tries to be a lap dog! We cant go anywhere without someone saying he looks like a teddy bear. He minds very well and our chickens think he is Momma. Thanks for a great Bern, we couldn’t have had a better dog.

  • John Kohlwey and family says:

    We purchased Marbel in late January of 2010. She is now just shy of 20 weeks old and she is 60lbs already. The vet estimates that she will be roughly 130lbs, give or take a few. Mabel is an absolute awesome dog and my family instantly fell in love with her, as did my golden retriever. I couldnt have asked for a better dog… If you send me an email, i will post pics of her.

  • April Young says:

    We purchased Sebastian from Gin and her family in March 2016. Wow, what a healthy and well socialized pup. Gin and her children constantly handling the puppies made Sebastian such a sweet and loving dog. He’s about to turn five months old and everyone who meets him falls in love with him. If we ever buy another Berner, we wouldn’t hesitate to buy from this family. Thank you so much for our awesome dog!

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