Adopted Pups

February 2nd, 2010
by Gin Stoltzfus

One of our sweet puppies is in a Home Depot Commercial

Click on the link below to see it!!

Home Depot Commercial


We have had some of the owners e-mail us pictures of the puppies they adopted.  Here are a few of them.Val & Wilson

From Valerie:  “Today the most wonderful puppy turns 7! i cannot thank you enough for letting us adopt Wilson.

We love him and he is a joy to us every day. Time to celebrate!”

Wilson - 7 years old

Below is Jessie/ Wilson as a puppy





(above) is Carolina/Bella from our first litter.  Isn’t she a beauty!


(above) is Colorado/Ruby Doo  from our 1st litter.  These 2 boys are best buddies!



(above) is LuLu/Lady from our 2nd Litter.   Happy in her new home!



Below is Jasmine/Roxi from our Summer 2010 litter

She lives all the way in New york and this is her new friend Charley

Below is Diamond/Lucy with her new owner.

Her owner is the editor of a magazine in Hilton Head, SC.

She wrote an article and put her picture in the magazine

Here is the link:



                Wow, she is Beautiful!

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